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Intelligent bile - free boiler

Release:2020-3-9 16:48:15

       In recent years, natural disasters such as smog, el nino and forest fires have occurred frequently, melting icebergs and warming of the earth's surface have threatened human existence. This is the excessive use of coal heat source, oil heat source, gas heat source and other disposable energy, which use a little, a little less, can not be renewable, resulting in a serious deterioration of the atmospheric environment.

       With the pursuit of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, our company has developed an energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly intelligent bile free boiler, namely "ptcr-xthm chip heat source module intelligent bile free boiler

       Ptcr-xthm electric heating chip as the heat source of large capacity, multi-function intelligent water supply heating heating (gas) collector system, breaking the traditional boiler water supply heating heating (gas) old way of heating water, namely no boiler (no bile) water supply heating heating (gas) collector system. The channel is heated when water flows through the heat source module of the electric heating chip. Innovative "no bile boiler" intelligent water supply heating heating (gas) system. The water temperature can be freely regulated within 100 ℃. General structure, the saturation temperature can be arbitrarily controlled within 150 ℃. Saturated steam temperature, superheated gas temperature, according to market demand. Current design maximum for superheated steam: 350℃. The results show that the heat source module of ptcr-xthm electric heating chip is the large-capacity, multi-function intelligent water supply, heating and heating (gas) collector system of heat source, which is the innovative ptcr-xthm chip heat source -- intelligent biliary electric boiler product.

The features and innovations of the product
       9.High efficiency: fast heating and high thermal efficiency. After starting up for 30 seconds, the hot water is circulated from the constant temperature and constant pressure reservoir to the user's radiator. The outlet temperature is above 85℃, and the radiator temperature reaches above 80℃ in 10 minutes.
       Ptcr-xthm chip heat source -- the intelligent biliary electric boiler USES the technical advantages to improve the performance of the products, such as water and electricity separation, far infrared heat source, direct heating, multiple protection and other technologies, the service life of the products up to more than 10 years. The thermal efficiency is 96%.
      10.Energy saving: innovative energy ptcr-xthm chip intelligent heat source, modular combination, microcomputer control, automatic temperature control. For example, the backwater temperature is set to 65℃, and when it is heated to 65℃, it will automatically stop working and turn to the heat preservation state. When the temperature is lower than the set temperature of 2 ℃, heating is started again, constant temperature and constant pressure, closed-loop feedback, intelligent power-saving operation.
      11.Safety: low pressure saturation cycle, intelligent electric boiler, non-pressure vessel, humanized scientific management, safe and reliable.
      12.Environmental protection: no pollution, no harmful gas, no residue, no emissions, no dust, clean, green environmental protection.
      13.Comfort: power grid, solar energy, wind energy. Microcomputer control, water as a medium, variable frequency temperature control, no room noise and wind erosion.
      14.Appearance: compact in size; Ptcr-xthm chip heat source module combination 15KW-340KW, volume: 90×50×30cm.
      15.Easy installation: small footprint. Heat exchanger floor type, wall type can be hung in the room, form optional.
      16.Wide application scope: the heating system is composed of water heating, floor heating, fan coil and air heater, which can form "all-weather" intelligent heating, water supply and gas supply system.

      15KW-340KW professional heating, flow: 8467L/H. With a heating area of 180-10688 square meters, it is widely used in residential areas, garden communities, office buildings, apartments, villas, hospitals, schools, hotels, civil and commercial areas.

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