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Does long-term consumption of

Release:2018-9-13 11:39:53

The question of whether drinking "pure water" is good or not has always been controversial. Today, the editor gives you a brief overview of this question.

The complete operation of "pure water machine" is called "reverse osmosis pure water machine". It is a pure water purification device integrating microfiltration, adsorption, reverse osmosis, taste improvement and other technologies. Generally, it is a five-stage filter. General profiteer precision in 90-100 microns, about 0.5 microns in simple faucet filters, filtration precision control of avant-garde ultrafiltration machine in 0.01 microns, pure water machine using reverse osmosis filtration precision at around 0.001, can be very effective to filter out all bacteria, viruses and organic compounds in the water, harmful substances such as heavy metals, thoroughly filter residual chlorine, completely remove scale, to achieve the filter ready-to-drink, completely accords with the drinking of straight drinking water standards.

The reverse osmosis technology that can meet the direct drinking water standard is very strict, the filtration process does not care about the beneficial elements and some toxic heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, etc Here's a key technical point to make. In today's technology, you can't completely separate the harmful heavy metals from the beneficial mineral elements in the filtration process. Filter it all! There are some water purifiers on the market that have insufficient filtration precision: "you will say that what you filter out is the mineral water that is good for human health," which really means that you are told that "harmful heavy metals will stay!! "

Actually, to put it bluntly, the society has a lot of discussion about drinking "pure water" very good, the main point is that after purification, the reverse osmosis pure water machine does not contain trace elements in the "water", in fact, the human body each day do need to consume a certain amount of inorganic elements, in order to maintain the body's tissues must be physical machine, according to the Chinese residents' dietary nutrition manual, suggest our daily intake of some major elements and trace elements, so the rumor that long-term consumption of "pure water" do not accord with standard of a healthy diet, drink for a long time can not nutritionally balanced, drink many will have to rickets, etc.

Take the Chinese dietary nutrition manual for example. According to the manual, Chinese People's Daily calcium intake is 800mg. Mineral water on the market of calcium content in 4 mg/L, to drink two litres of water a day, normal packaging mineral water bottle of 380 ml, namely 5 bottles of mineral water, a daily supplement of calcium content but also 8 mg, ordinary of a carton of milk on the market of calcium content per 100 ml of around 120 mg, we assume that a box for 380 ml of milk, then a glass of milk in the morning and evening, our daily calcium intake of 912 mg, if we again at noon to eat a plate of eggs, Fried green pepper, add in shredded meat, our daily calcium intake exceeds bid badly!

Therefore, for us normal people, drinking water is only for better metabolism, and we want to supplement trace elements through drinking water, which is far from enough!

It is clear, then, that drinking "pure water" in daily life does not cause harm to our bodies, nor does it cause malnutrition and rickets.

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