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Water cooler safety and technological innovation

Release:2018-5-12 9:53:05

    According to incomplete statistics, more than 15% of households in large and medium-sized cities have water fountains. The water dispenser is no longer a decoration or luxury item, but a necessity for the family. Therefore, many people pay attention to the safety of water dispenser.

    Due to water supply source pollution and problems of the secondary pollution of water, led to the bottled water, household water purifiers, water supply pipeline industry's development, the formation of the water industry three cent world situation, the bucket (bag) water in nearly a decade in the speed of domestic development and spread rapidly. The development of the large barrel of water will inevitably lead to the popularization of water dispenser, and the large bucket water and water dispenser are the supporting products. Due to different drinking habits at home and abroad, the function requirements of drinking water dispenser are different. Foreign consumers drink water mainly with ice water, so the water fountain mainly emphasizes the refrigeration function; And domestic consumer is used to drink boiled water, tea, so the function that water machine is heated is more attention. Due to the difference in demand, domestic water drinking machines have heating and supporting facilities.

    For nearly a year, the rise of household water purifier in the market and some quality problems of the inner barrel aquaculture industry, such as false water, bottled water, percent of pass, black barrel, and the existing secondary pollution, such as water dispenser for aquaculture development in speed slow down, or even stagnation. Science and technology have two tenacity. Every technology and product brings a good side, but also brings some negative effects. Perfect technology and products do not exist. The problem cannot be avoided, we should further invent and innovate, and constantly improve the products.

    The home water dispenser brings convenience to consumers and there is a hidden danger of secondary pollution. Anyone who is careful will find that any water dispenser has five parts that are connected to the outside world, namely two taps, water inlet, air outlet and sewage outlet. Water cooler secondary pollution is mainly the dust in the air to carry large amounts of bacteria and algae, etc as the air into the water dispenser, especially air port, port easy to form the dead Angle, microbes thrive here, at the same time also big barrel of water pollution. At present more than 90% of domestic water dispenser have heating gall. Heating the bile has the function of heating, but there are some problems:

    1. Scaling is easy to occur, especially in areas with high water quality. Most of the white sediment that appears is carbonate. These salts are a very stable form of compounds, and there is no evidence that they are harmful to humans. The existence of these substances affects the efficiency of the heat exchange, which can lead to safety hazards when fouling is serious. Therefore, the water dispenser should be removed in time.
    2. "A thousand rolls" is an image word, not a scientific term. Water dispenser of the heating temperature is 85-95 ℃ or so commonly, not to the point of boiling. But long-term heating effect on the activity of water is large, so the longer the heating time, the activity of water, commonly known as aging water, so in the long time need not when, should turn off the power supply, on the one hand, save electricity, on the other hand to avoid the loss of water activity.

    3.With regard to the nitrite in drinking water machine, nitrate nitrogen in water, when the water drinking machine's microbial pollution is serious, it will turn nitrate nitrogen into nitrite nitrogen. The standard of drinking water in China stipulates that the content of nitrite nitrogen should not exceed 0.005mg/L, while in the American drinking water standard, the content of nitrite in water is below 1mg/L. In the WHO drinking water directive, when the target is more than 3mg/L in a short period of time, the baby will have a high level of hemohaemoglobin, which can also cause the disease in the long term exposure to 0.2mg/L. The present study suggests that there is not enough evidence to suggest that nitrite has a direct relationship with cancer.

    4.The bacteria from the point of view, when the water temperature of 60 ℃ above general microbiology can kill, above 80 ℃, 10-20 minutes to kill bacillus.

    5.In terms of the bile from heating material, has the sense of responsibility for society and consumers generally material used by enterprises are generally in accordance with relevant national health standards, and some of the fake and shoddy products, is used by some unhealthy materials, after hot water immersion, harmful substances can be dissolved out, can affect the health of people.

    At present, there are three main reasons for the secondary pollution of the large bucket of water: the first is the secondary pollution of the water dispenser itself; The second is that some manufacturers do not clean the VAT when it is clean, the pollution caused by itself; The water quality of the three water plants or the secondary pollution of the water making equipment causes the pollution of the product water. When buying a large bucket of water, the vast majority of consumers can't buy cheap water, buy some fake water or poor quality water, and buy aquatic products produced by regular producers. Enterprises in the drinking water industry should adhere to the principle of people-oriented and provide consumers with safe and healthy products. Water dispenser's enterprises should increase investment in scientific research and technological innovation, avoid secondary pollution, water for example, the present water bags, vacuum negative pressure water machine is to avoid the secondary pollution of air to water machine; The water - free drinking machine is to reduce energy consumption and scale. The presence of bacteriostatic materials is to reduce microbial contamination. At the same time, large barrel water production enterprises should pay attention to the overall management of quality, do not use black drums, strictly control the equipment and water quality, and improve the qualified rate of water.

    All enterprises in the drinking water industry can make steady and healthy development of the industry only by taking a responsible attitude towards consumers. As it is the responsibility of industries and enterprises to correctly guide the consumer of the cleaning and maintenance of water dispenser, as long as the timely cleaning and scientific maintenance of water dispenser, reduce the chance of secondary pollution, the most have water machine can be used. And it should be the right drink for education consumers. That is, drinking water to be healthy, drinking water equipment to be safe, drinking water way to need science.

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