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Thick film resistance circuit (chip) domestic and international development history.

Release:2018-1-15 10:19:29

Thick film resistance circuit is a thick film circuit developed on the basis of thick film electronic integrated circuit. There are similarities and differences. In the same way, both kinds of circuits belong to thick film circuits, and the production techniques are basically the same. But the difference in performance and usage is wide.

First thick film electronic integrated circuit, mostly used in automation control circuit. The operation process is basically not hot, as long as the control action is accurate and correct. The circuit originated in Europe and is widely used in aviation, aerospace and military fields. Such as isolation start circuit, push-pull power conversion circuit, rectifier filter circuit and so on. This circuit has a long history and mature technology. And our research and development as a means of thick film resistance circuit, or the latest high-tech cutting-edge technologies, all countries in the research and development, national university of defense technology in China in the early 1990 s to the thick film pastes also in development, and included in the national 863 program, is still in development.

Specifically, thick film technology is a microelectronic technology integrating electronic materials, multi-layer wiring technology, surface microassembly and plane integration technology. Thick film material is organic medium, added to the mixture of fine metal powder, glass or ceramic powder, and through the silk screen printing, printing coated with insulating layer of the substrate by 850 ℃ high temperature sintering. Inorganic phase selection can change the performance of thick film. In the 1980s, the foreign scientists changed the inorganic phase into the ruthenium compound and the palladium and other alloy powder, making the thick film electronic circuit become thick film resistance circuit. As a small power heating body into the civil field. For example: use in laser printer, coffee machine, water cup and other small goods. High power thick film heating technology is blank at home and abroad. It is very difficult to manufacture thick film resistance circuit for high power heating element. Due to the match between the heating size and the expansion coefficient of the substrate, a series of problems such as the bending deformation and fixed installation of the base plate are resolved. This difficulty is we broke through, at the same time we introduce high-end computer tunnel furnace, create enclosed dust-free, constant temperature, dry manufacturing plants, through many times experiment, at a cost of tens of millions of yuan, successfully developed high-power heating element, thick film resistor circuit chip.

The key core technology - solving the problem of bending deformation and installation of the substrate by welding. A single thick film has been printed successfully, but it is not yet a product. Because the single film layer is electrically heated, the substrate will bend and deform. After several heating and cooling, the rupture of the membrane layer is discarded. At the same time, as the finished heating body, it must have the installation conditions. Through trial and error, we solved the problem of bending deformation and installation through scientific welding method under the condition of strict cooling process. In the eyes of foreign experts, the diaphragm is not weldable. We broke the box and patented the invention. "We think the membrane is not weldable, and now it's broken by your Chinese experts," he said. This kind of high power thick film resistor circuit has filled the gap at home and abroad, and has been successfully declared in the world.

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